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5 Reasons Why Every Small Business Owner Should have a CPA


accounting-cpaWhether a brand new start-up or a business of thirty years, every small business can benefit from a CPA managing and filing the taxes and advising on business holding, ownerships, and acquisitions. This is not industry-specific, or experience specific; even some of the most successful CPA’s in turn hire other CPA’s to help them. And here are 5 reasons why.

  1. Expertise – The most obvious reason, and also the most important, CPA’s have expertise in taxes and business planning. A good CPA will not only file your taxes, they will help you decide how and when to purchase new equipment, if lending makes sense for your business, if it’s time to change your model, or if there is another avenue to pursue. CPA’s do much more than simply file your taxes, they can be a true partner in your business, helping you to grow and succeed. And on the tax front, knowing what is and is not an actual deduction can be important to avoid an audit. Should you ever go through an audit, you’ll be happy to have a CPA standing there with you, discussing tax code with the IRS on your behalf.
  1. Second Set of Eyes – Even most CPA’s have someone look over their returns. Why? It’s important to have someone else’s perspective. When you are too close to something, you don’t always see it for what it is. It can be easy to miss a deduction, or to claim